Privacy Policy



1.            This is the privacy policy of Ascio Technologies Inc, Danmark – Filial af Ascio Technologies Inc, USA, Danish CVR Number 25163532 (“Ascio”) with registered office at Arne Jacobsens Alle 15, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.  Ascio is a domain name registrar accredited with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) and other domain name registries throughout the world.  The purpose of this privacy policy is to tell you how we process your personal information (i.e. data about any identified or identifiable living person).

2.            Ascio operates entirely through a reseller channel and does not accept or take orders unless through a contracted reseller. We collect the data from our resellers.


3.            When you place an order for the registration of a domain name, you are required to provide information such as your name, postal address, fax number (where available), email address and telephone number. All such information is mandatory to provide the service requested unless otherwise stated at the time.  You shall also be required to provide the name, postal address, fax number (where available), email address and telephone number of the technical, administrative and billing contacts associated with the domain name. 

4.            In compliance with our obligations as a domain name registrar and as required by ICANN and domain name registries, we collect further mandatory data in relation to domain names including (1) the domain name (2) original creation date (3) expiration date and (4) the names of the primary and secondary name servers for the domain together with IP addresses. 

5.            The information collected by Ascio will be published in the applicable domain name WHOIS (a service offered by each domain name registry that allows users to check domain name registration details) and is capable of being accessed globally.  In order to comply with our regulatory obligations, we will disclose certain data, such as names and contact information to ICANN and domain name registries.

6.            We also log other identifying details necessary for the provision of our services and to ensure we only act on your instructions, such as written communications, confirmations, modifications and any other related correspondence, payment source information, log files, billing records and any other communications information such as source IP address, HTTP headers and other records concerning registration such as dates, times, zones and sessions. 

7.            In providing related services to you, such as the provision of SSL Certificates, we may request additional information at the time of order. 


8.            The information you provide when registering a domain name is required to allow us to properly handle your domain name registration, administer your account, including notifying you about matters related to the domain name, such as renewal or updates and to provide other services that you have ordered from us. We might also use your personal information for marketing and analytical purposes when permitted by law.   


9.            Security is a high priority for Ascio. We take reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.   


10.          In accordance with the requirements as a domain name registrar, we are required to disclose your information as follows:

(i)           We make WHOIS data available to the public for free query-based access;

(ii)          We make domain related data, including communications with you, available to ICANN and domain name registries pursuant to their rules and regulations;

  1. We escrow domain related data daily or as often as is required to reputable third parties appointed by ICANN or domain registries; and


  1. We allow third parties access to WHOIS data in bulk provided they agree, amongst other things, not to use them improperly such as for the transmission of unsolicited commercial email.

11.          The disclosure of your personal information to ICANN and other third parties involves the transfer of your personal information to entities located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to perform the services.


12          For administration purposes, we recommend that you contact your reseller who sold the service to you to access and rectify your personal information.       


13           In providing personal information about other individuals (such as someone in whose name you are registering or the domain name’s technical or billing contacts) you represent that you have notified them of (i) the purposes for which information will be used (ii) the recipients of their personal information and (iii) how they can access and correct the information.  You further represent that you have obtained their consent. 


14           From time to time, we shall update this privacy policy.  You are advised to regularly check for updates. You will be notified of material amendments and any continuation of services provided by Ascio shall constitute acceptance of the amended privacy policy.

15.          If you have any queries concerning this policy, please write to us at the above address or complete the form here [].  


Last Updated:  1 November 2014